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May 9, 2018

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Together in the North Action Plan:

We believe the wellbeing of the children and young people is everyone’s business.

This Action Plan sets out our work until July 2017 as we work towards the development of strategies and actions to improve the wellbeing of children and young people in the City of Playford.

You are now being invited to join with others to work towards measurable results for the whole community using a Collective Impact approach. It will require each of us to bring all that we have to offer as individuals and as representatives of a deliver range of organisation in new ways to make change.

Together in the North Action Plan 2017 – December 2016


The Story So Far …

The leadership group have resolved that 0-18 year olds in City of Playford will be their focus. The result area and indicators are under construction in consultation with leaders through community development and engagement strategies. The first baseline report is nearing completion and will be shared with leaders in June.  The story behind the baseline is part of the development of the Population Accountability Plan which will be completed for the first time in early July. To date there are over 20 partners stepping into leadership to be a part of this collective impact initiative to drive systems change and get results for 0 -18 year olds in the City of Playford.

The Northern Economic Plan and the Premier of SA, have nominated Together in the North as a Thriving Communities site. This will enable the initiative to draw on the State Government’s extensive resources to establish a child focussed collective impact initiative that looks to improve the well being of children, with a focus on the most vulnerable.  For more information about the shared vision for Northern Adelaide see Look North.

In mid-2015, Together SA was invited by the Premier to lead the collective impact initiative in the north.  Minister Susan Close, Minister for Education and Child Development put her support to this work with funding to kick start the process.  In addition to this funding, resources from Together SA members, State government, City of Playford, community organisations, volunteers and students, Together SA is facilitating Together in the North.  These resources take the form of in-kind support (Volunteering SA & NT), secondment of staff (UnitingCare Wesley Bowden) and post-graduate students from Flinders University.

Leadership Group Meetings

Next leadership meetings coming up are: 1 June, 22 June and 20 July.

By the end of this series of meetings the leadership group will have a Population Accountability Plan and a date to report back to the community.

If you are interested in joining with other leaders in this work please contact Alison Kershaw at Together SA.

On 28 April 2016, the Results Based Accountability team from Community Centres SA led a process with a dozen local leaders to initiate a Population Accountability Plan at the Stretton Centre.

A report of the meeting can be found here.

Leaders from 15 organisations and community met on 23 March 2016 at Northern Connections who are leading the government responsibility for economic development.

At this meeting leaders began the process to develop the foundation for a Results Based Accountability Plan. The data conversation has begun! Leaders identified their data holdings within their organisation and barriers to accessing the data.

The community engagement strategy began to take shape.

A report from the meeting can be found here.

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Community Meeting Report Back

Community MeetingThe first Community Meeting was held  on Monday 29 February, 2016 from 4pm – 7pm at the Stretton Centre, Playford.  A report from the meeting can be found here.

Over 100 people gathered to kick off a Thriving Communities collective impact initiative in the northern suburbs. Thirty (30) local service providers along with representatives from all levels of government, local residents and Tony Piccolo MP (Member for Light) gathered to discuss how to shape a better future for some of the most vulnerable children and young people in South Australia.

Together SA is leading this new initiative. Local community, service providers, industry and stakeholders are being brought together to make real measurable change in children and young people’s well-being in the northern suburbs.

To date 16 service providers along with 2 local residents have stepped into leadership in the early stages of this initiative; Anglicare SA, Centacare, City of Playford, City of Salisbury, Department of Communities and Social Inclusion, Department of Education and Child Development, Family by Family program of The Australian Centre of Social Innovation, Junction Australia, Northern Domestic Violence Service, Northern Futures, Relationships Australia SA, SA Health, Schools Ministry Group, Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide, Uniting Communities and the Wyatt Trust.

This initiative is applying the Result Based Accountability Framework, which focuses on community level outcomes for populations. It is a process for improving condition of well-being for whole populations, where multiple stakeholders share accountability and data is central to the decision making process. This is the beginning of a significant commitment to the region and to children, young people and their families who live there.

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