Mid-Murray Family Connections

Apr 18, 2018

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Mid-Murray Accountability Plan

Congratulations on the launch of the Mid Murray Family Connections Community Accountability Plan! On Thursday 27 October, after two years of learning and collaboration, the Collective Impact Leadership Group were proud to launch their plan to improve the lives of children in the Mid Murray region.  A great achievement by everyone involved in making this happen, in particular those who have remained committed to this important work since 2014, and to Kiran King, from the Mid Murray Council, for progressing the work so far in just a year.

Mid-Murray Accountability Plan 2016



Snapshot of the story so far …


On 5 Feb 2015 local leaders put their collective heads and hearts together and after investigating the data have chosen to impact on the emotional maturity of children in the Mid Murray Region.  Using the  Australian Early Childhood Development Census data to drive their decision-making the Mid Murray Family Connections network will now embark on an ambitious agenda to decrease the number of children who are developmentally vulnerable.

Additional analysis undertaken by Country South Medicare Local helped make this decision.  The process to decision-making has been supported by Community Centres SA Results Based Accountability team. Together SA celebrates this step in the Mid Murray Family Connections project.

Emotional maturity domain


Children on track

Children developmentally vulnerable

Pro-social and helping behaviour Often show helping behaviours including helping someone hurt, sick or upset, offering to help spontaneously, and inviting others to join in. Never or almost never show most of the helping behaviours including helping someone hurt, sick or upset, offering to help spontaneously, and inviting others to join in.
Anxious and fearful behaviour Rarely or never show anxious behaviours, are happy and able to enjoy school, and are comfortable being left at school. Often show most of the anxious behaviours; they could be worried, unhappy, nervous, sad or excessively shy, indecisive; and they can be upset when left at school.
Aggressive behaviour Rarely or never show aggressive behaviours and do not use aggression as a means of solving a conflict, do not have temper tantrums, and are not mean to others. Often show most of the aggressive behaviours; they get into physical fights, kick or bite others, take other people’s things, are disobedient or have temper tantrums.
Hyperactivity and inattention Never show hyperactive behaviours and are able to concentrate, settle into chosen activities, wait their turn, and most of the time think before doing something. Often show most of the hyperactive behaviours; they could be restless, distractible, impulsive; they fidget and have difficulty settling to activities.

Source: AEDC


THANKS FOR COMING: Improving the Well-Being of our Children – What is Possible?

Feb 5 in Mannum! A public meeting followed by a workshop for everyone interested in working together.

Special guest Dr. Michael McAfee and panel.

Panel discussion to explore: The success of the 50 Promise Neighborhoods where communities, families and children are supported and
the diverse roles a range of business and service providers play in these exciting collaborations.

Plans the Mid Murray Family Connections Network have in place to turn the curve on the deteriorating wellbeing of children in the region.

Learn about what else is happening around Australia where together educators, councils, businesses, media organisations, service providers, parents and children are coming together to make a collective impact.

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Check out this video of our the session!


29 January 2015    ABC NEWS


This group of educators, service providers, elected officials, council staff and church leaders came more than a year ago out of concern about the deterioration of the well-being of children in the region. Their first community planning day took place in Swan Reach on November 13. It was hot! 38 degrees outside and almost the same inside for some. They have now developed a draft plan. Next steps include a range of resource sharing, some advocacy and whole lot of work towards expanding the diversity of people involved in the collaboration. Together SA works in partnership with Community Centres SA’s Results Based Accountability Team on this collaboration.

Kickstarting this project are the Mid-Murray Council, primary schools, churches and founding Together SA partner ac.care.

Photo Gallery from 13 November 2014.