Save     Who are we?

Together in the South is made up of local people and organisations from across the community: residents, volunteers, workers, local and state government, community services, philanthropy and children.




   Why have we come together?

The AEDC provides a national measurement to monitor Australian children’s development. The aim of the collecting and releasing data is to ‘give communities a snapshot of children’s development as they arrive at school. The results can support communities to understand the local levels of developmental vulnerability and where that vulnerability exists within their community. (AEDC website).

Data sets have been released in 2009, 2012 and 2015.

Results show that in the suburbs of Christies Beach, Christie Downs, Hackham, Hackham West, Huntfield Heights, Morphett Vale, Noarlunga Downs and O’Sullivan Beach children present as vulnerable on one or more domains at a greater percentage rate than when compared to the results for children across the City of Onkaparinga and South Australia. These results are consistent over the three data sets.

Together in the South partners believe that it is possible to turn the curve on these results and are building a whole of community approach to achieve this.




   Our Vision




   How do we work?

The way we work together is governed by the following principles:

  • Children and young people are our central focus
  • We are accountable first and foremost to community members and their voice will be actively and constantly sought and will drive everything we do
  • We support one another and are accountable to one another
  • We focus on what is strong, not what is wrong
  • We use evidence to ensure we develop and implement the strategies that will make a difference
  • In everything we do, we engage our community and develop sustainable and active community leadership
  • Our leadership group will represent those who are involved in our collaboration who have committed to working together to achieve our result
  • We are relentlessly focused on achieving our result.

  Our Population Accountability Plan

In 2016 community members from across the nine suburbs came together to decide on how they would articulate and measure their population level result (vision). This process was facilitated by Community Centres SA using Results Based Accountability™. Through this process, partners clearly defined the experience of each of their result areas as well as the population level indicators they would use to measure impact. In 2017 Together in the South partners underwent a review of their plan and have committed to an ongoing process of review and evaluation.

Click Here to view SHARE Population Accountability Plan

 Our Action Plan

In 2017-2018 Together in the South partners co-designed their action plan for 2018/19. Partners made a clear decision to focus on one strategy, test what works and evaluate how we can continue to strengthen our collaboration.

Together in the South’s strategic focus for 2018 is that: families are learning through play, developing social networks and have access to parenting information and support services through attendance and ongoing participation at playgroup. This strategy is supported by research that was commissioned by our partners, Playgroup SA as well as the outcomes of Focus Groups held with families who attend playgroups across our nine suburbs.

Click Here to view the full Report

Our Plan in Action!

Many families told Together in the South partners that it was difficult to know where all of the playgroups in our SHARE suburbs are, so we created a handy brochure to showcase the rich and diverse range of playgroups in our community. Our community researched where all of the playgroups are, designed the lay out and even provided the beautiful artwork that appears on the front.

There has been a lot of activity in Together in the South – SHARE! See our brochure proudly created by community, for a snapshot of what we’ve been up to.

Click Here to download Brochure

Our Plan is predicated on 5 main pillars of work


The community is aware of the benefits of Playgroup and can easily access information about local playgroups.


Community members and organisations are connecting and supporting families to attend and participate in playgroups.
Families are connected to each other and community support services/groups.

Worker & Volunteer

Workers and volunteers are connected to each other, share resources and build skills and knowledge to provide playgroups that respond to community need.


Agencies work together to ensure all children 0-8 are safe, healthy, active, ready to learn and engaging positively.
The whole of community is working together to ensure children 0-8 are safe, healthy, active, ready to learn and engaging positively.

Data & Research

SHARE has a measurement system in place to monitor impact locally and across all 9 suburbs.
SHARE has an understanding of the barriers as well as what works to support attendance at Playgroups.

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