Together SA supports local leadership groups across SA with easy access to responsive, flexible, affordable support for their Collective Impact initiatives.

In the past we have:

  • Supported leaders in Together in the South, Together in the North and Mid Murray Family Connections in the establishment of their Collective Impact initiatives.
  • Developed relationships to support initiative in many suburbs.
  • Provided peer support to initiatives.
  • Provided market research on product development to consolidate the intermediary role of Together SA.
  • Provided advice to communities on a range of subjects including data and evidence to drive decision-making.
  • Supported community events to build community momentum and commence action plans.
  • Provided learning opportunities, coaching and advice to local leaders in Collective Impact, adaptive leadership and data analysis.

Together SA is playing a number of roles throughout South Australia.  Learn more about the contribution and the local leadership and the results they are seeking at scale.


Growing the Movement

Together SA began the journey of growing the Collective Impact movement in 2013.  Initially starting out with no Collective Impact initiatives it has steadily grown over the years.  In 2019 the number of Collective Impact initiatives in South Australia has grown to 14, joining a maturing network of Collective Impact communities Australia-wide. These established or emerging Collective Impact groups cover 11 Local Government Areas across our State.

While Together SA provided the backbone function for 3 Collective Impact Initiatives this year, communities themselves are mobilising tc explore a different way of working together through the Collective Impact approach.  Together SA facilitates opportunities for shared learning, builds the capacity of key stakeholders and advocates for all Collective Impact groups in our State.
As the movement grows, our understanding of the Collective Impact framework: evolves. We know that Collective Impact Is not linear or predictable.

It Is an agile, holistic approach to challenging culture and generating system change In a “whole of community” response to large scale social problems.  It Is responsive to local context and global challenges.

As Together SA supports the growth of the movement for collective action for social change in South Australia into the future, we will facilitate exploration of the critical issues of sustainability and accountability.

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