Meet the Together SA Board Members

We’re supporting local leaders to help them make real, lasting improvements on the social problems they care about.

Together SA is governed by a Board.  The Board is constituted under the (SA) Associations Incorporation Act and subject to Australian law for legal and financial matters.

The inaugural Board was established in October 2014 by a selection committee of a Steering Group formed by the initial founding partners.  The Board met for the first time in late 2014.

Board members are drawn from founding partners as well as two independent appointments.


Simon Schrapel

Simon is CEO of Uniting Communities.  Simon has been Chair of Together SA Board since July 2017.

Peter Sandeman
Deputy Chair

Peter is CEO of AnglicareSA.  AnglicareSA was a founding member of Together SA in 2013.  Peter stepped into the role of Chair of the Board of Together SA in November 2016 until Simon Schrapel became available on 1 July 2017.

Richard Pagliaro 

Richard brings experience in the for-profit and Not-For-Profit worlds to TogetherSA hopefully providing head and heart thinking in the delivery of practical, cost-effective, measurable and long term solutions. Richard is a Board Member and former CEO of Foodbank SA.

Gill McFadyen
Community Centres SA

Gill has a long history in community development. She is passionate about bringing together the passion and power of community with the discipline of data to drive social change.  Gill is CEO of founding partner Community Centres SA Inc.


Anne McCutcheon – Treasurer
Wyatt Trust

Anne’s career was in community development and then in business development and consulting. She continues facilitating and mentoring in management and entrepreneurship education programs and pursues interests in organizational development, philanthropy and social justice.  Anne is a Board member for founding partner Wyatt Trust.


Evelyn O’Loughlin
Volunteering SA and NT

Currently CEO of Volunteering SA & NT, Evelyn’s experience in senior and executive management roles both in South Australia and in Europe spans 22 years.  She holds a Bachelor of Education degree and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Fiona Kelly
Uniting Care Wesley Bowden

Fiona Kelly has worked at a senior level in government, community services and corporate sectors for over 27 years. Her role in government and community services encompass direct service delivery, management, policy and planning and system reform. She is a Clinical Psychologist by profession and still undertakes part-time practice. Fiona’s area of interest is evidence based practice and methodologies to support better outcomes for individuals in need, particularly those with complex and challenging problems. She is strongly committed to new ways of working and shifting the dominant paradigms concerning how community services approach their business and go about identifying and responding to community need.



Philomena Taylor
City of Onkaparinga

Philomena has worked in the community/social development profession since 1982, with a particular emphasis on social justice and communities that face significant challenges. Philomena has been Director Community Relations with the City of Onkaparinga for five years. Prior to this Philomena worked for a range of community managed organisations, in the UK and Australia, and is passionate about the joys and challenges of working as a professional within community governance structures to improve quality of life for those who face social inequities.